Legjobb dumák

ALBERT:"Tell Agent Cooper that Albert and his team are here..."

ALBERT:"You tell me, vigilante justice or just clean country living?"

AUDREY:"But don't you like me?"

COOPER:"There is a man in a smiling bag."

COOPER:"A DAMN fine cup of coffee."

COOPER:"I would very much like to make love to a beautiful woman..."

COOPER:"For as we know from experiments conducted on American G.I.s .."

COOPER:"Diane, 6:15 AM room 315..."

COOPER:"Diane, there are two things that continue to trouble me..."

COOPER:"Diane, it is 4:28 AM and I have just been woken up..."

LAURA:"Hey what's up Doc? It's Laura Palmer..."

LAURA:"God, James is sweet, but he's so dumb."

ALBERT:"Go on whatever vision quest you require..."

COOPER:"Perhaps I should keep a closer eye on my after dinner coffee consumption."

LAURA:"I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back."

LAURA:"I feel like I'm going to dream tonight..."

LAURA:"Isn't sex weird?"

LEO:"phhpth... New shoes."

ORIAS:"The owls are not what they seem."

LUCY:"Twin Peaks will be right back!"

"Leo Johnson was shot, Jacques Renault was strangled..."

WALDO:"Laura? Laura?"

ALBERT:"Now you listen to me! While I will admit to a certain cynicism..."

JACQUES:"Bite dee bullet babee, bite dee BULLET!"

MIKE:"Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see..."

"Leland says you're going back to Missoula MONTANA!"

EARLE:"Eureka! Dale, I could kiss your pointy little head."

"Leo, I believe you've found your calling!"

COOPER:"Nothing like urinating in the open air."

COLE:"Cooper, you remind me of a small mexican chihuahua"

COLE:"Banzai! Remember those old WWII movies? BANZAI!!!"

ALBERT:"...black suit/fashion statement..."

"I'm worried about COOP!"


AUDREY:"Cone. I like to lick."

HAWK:"The man has a poor sense of recreation"

DENISE:"I still put my panties on one leg at a time."

CATHERINE:"...slimy rat bastard Americanus. Do not feed..."